En+ AC Single-phase 7KW Home Charger

Home charger is the single phase 7KW AC charger with maximum 32A output current, specially designed for private use.
Power: 7kw
Output Current: 32A
Charging Outlet: One Type 2 charging gun (can be customized)
RFID function
Protection Grade: IP65
Warranty: 2 years
with 4mt cables
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Simple but robust
All plastic case. IP65 protection grade higher than industrial standard. Simple and elegant product, providing quality inside and out.
Half size of A4 paper, highly integrated design. Applicable for family use.
Both control circuit and power circuit are completely isolated. Increased anti-jamming capacity to ensure stable working condition.
One charger with multi-application, support wall-mount installation or portable with EV. 
Built for extreme environment such as -30°C ice and snow season or 55°C hot and direct sunshine. Core parts take industrial grade components and offer 15-year design life.
Energy saving
Standby power consumption is less than 2W, energy efficiency increase 4 times than same-level product in the market, minimising operation cost.
Code EN+7000A
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