Webinar Coenergia con SMA e Vaillant 17.03.2021
17 Mar
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Webinar SMA and Vaillant Wednesday 17 March from 16:00 to 17:30. The course is dedicated to SMA and Vaillant solutions Wednesday 17 March at 16:00 Take part in the free webinar that Coenergia, together with SMA and Vaillant, will hold on...
Webinar TIGO 10 Marzo 2021
10 Mar
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TIGO Webinar Wednesday 10 March from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. The course is dedicated to the TS4 universal platform Wednesday 10 March at 4.30 pm Selective use: choose and combine the most suitable functions for each type of system Total Visibility =...
WEBINAR Sungrow Febbraio - Maggio 2021
26 Feb
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The webinars are back in collaboration with Sungrow! Friday 26 February at 15:00 SINGLE PHASE PV INVERTER: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Business presentation Single-phase PV inverter: Features and pluses Accessories for monitoring and...
WEBINAR-25.02.2021 Superbonus SolarEdge, Trienergia, Bosch
25 Feb
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Superbonus 110% webinar with SolarEdge - Trienergia - Bosch Thursday 25 February Webinar with SolarEdge - Trienergia - Bosch 15:30/17:30 Take part in the free webinar that Coenergia, together with SolarEdge, Trienergia and Bosch, will hold on...
16 Feb
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Webinar dedicated to Energy Communities 16.02.2021 Tuesday 16 February Webinar REGALGRID 16:30/17:30 Take part in the free webinar that Coenergia, together with REGALGRID, will hold on Tuesday 16 February from 16:30 to 17:30. The course will...
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