12 Dec
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Importanti novità per quanto riguarda la cessione del credito e lo sconto immediato in fattura In data 10 Dicembre 2019 la commissione di Bilancio ha accolto la richiesta di abrogazione dell’articolo 10 del Decreto Crescita, approvando...
Decreto FER 1
04 Sep
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FER decree: go-ahead for 5.4 billion euros Good news for renewables in Italy: the European Commission has released the long-awaited FER1 decree that provides for 5.4 billion to support renewable energy! The decree, which should be operational by...
14 Jan
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Dal 1° marzo 2019: detrazione fiscale del 50% in 10 anni sull’acquisto e l'installazione di una stazione di ricarica per veicoli elettrici. Importanti novità in ambito mobilità Elettrica: dal 1 Marzo 2019 sarà possibile infatti portare in...
BANNER GENERALE normative.jpg
24 Jun
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We hereby inform you that the GSE has published (here) the Guarantee Certificate integrative model of the certificate of membership of the manufacturer, and provided additional information regarding the applicants Subjects Officers incentives...
BANNER GENERALE normative.jpg
17 May
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mag 17, 2013
PV CYCLE is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2007, whose goal is to set up a voluntary module collection and recycling scheme for the PV industry. The association is based in Brussels has a total of 107 members. At the end of their useful...
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