24 Jun
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Update inherent the "Warranty" supplementary certificate of accession of the Manufacturer

Jun 24, 2013

We hereby inform you that the GSE has published (here) the Guarantee Certificate integrative model of the certificate of membership of the manufacturer, and provided additional information regarding the applicants Subjects Officers incentives under the Conto Energia IV and V.


From 1 July 2013, all systems / consortia approved make available online search function that allows managers to verify the actual Subjects taking charge of PV modules by the system / consortium that issued the certificate of accession of the Manufacturer and download the Warranty.


For PV modules which are not borne by a system / consortium approved, the GSE will require the Responsible Party to adopt the Warranty Certificate to be transmitted to the GSE. In case of failure to send the Certificate of Guarantee Fund by the Responsible Party to the GSE within 30 days of the request, the GSE will proceed to suspend tariffs.


From 1 July 2013 PV CYCLE Italy will make available the necessary instructions for the relevant managers on its website Track & Tracing online platform. Subjects Officers from the site will also require the Warranty Certificate.