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02 Aug
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Working schedule August 2020

Aug 02, 2020

Coenergia Schedules August 2020

I hereby inform you that Coenergia will remain operational throughout the month of August, with the exception of the summer break from 14 to 17 August 2020 included.

Shipping and pick-ups in the month of August

During the month of August, transport will vary. To ensure delivery within week 33, the goods must leave the Coenergia warehouses by Thursday 6 August.
The Coenergia warehouse will be regularly open except for the days from 14 to 17 August, but we cannot guarantee any mandatory delivery date for shipments made on week 33 and 34.
Possible delivery delays will also be expected during week 35.
For specific deliveries in weeks 33 and 34, I ask you to check with our shipping department on a case-by-case basis.
In week 36 the service will return to regular with the main transporters (ask the shipping office for more details).

Blocking of the circulation of heavy vehicles

I also remind you that due to the blockage of heavy goods vehicles, Friday 31 July, Friday 7 August and Friday 14 August, all deliveries and withdrawals will not be insured and shipments will be made only in the morning; the inconvenience could continue even on the following Monday.
We take this opportunity to wish you a good summer!
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