21 Dec
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Dec 21, 2011

Steca PR 1010-3030: the ne plus ultra of the solar charge controllers.

The solar charge controllers Steca PR1010-3030 with graphic display are now available in an updated version with new and exciting features. To the now proven night light function is accompanied by a separate function for today morning light.

Furthermore, the optimization of the algorithm for calculating the state of charge of the battery provides a cure even more effective. Also greatly improved the graphical display. In the controlled mode, the voltage is thus provided a bar display for the graphical representation of the battery voltage. The addition of a self-diagnosis function easy to use contributes to further improve the functionality of the controller in case of technical problems.
Despite the many new features, the price of the regulator will remain unchanged. The Steca PR managers for 1010-3030 are as a source of great additional benefits.

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