earth overshoot day
16 Jan
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Earth Overshoot Day 2017

What 's "Earth Overshoot Day"? It's the day in the year when the consumption of Natural Resources exceeds the regenerative capacity of the Planet.
This is an important fact to understand the Earth's health and to make us reflect on what we can do to postpone this date.
Twenty years ago, the Earth Overshoot Day was October 10, 1975 November 28, 1970 December 23. Last year was August 8th.
The one offering the planet is not enough to satisfy the needs, growing, global population: according to the report, if we had the lifestyle of Americans, we would need the natural resources of at least 4.8 planets as if we lived like the Australians do serve at least 5.4. The lifestyle of the Italians would require 2.7 Terre and serve 4.3 Italie to meet the national demand with only local resources.  
However, despite the fact truly alarming, there has been a slight slowdown of this trend over the last five years, thanks to increased use of energy from renewable sources!
Thanks to the technology available and with a little effort on the part of all, we can turn the tide!