Sale Electric Ovens Recessed Energy Saving

Coenergia is a retailer and distributor of electric ovens energy saving recessed.
Low consumption, low environmental impact, high efficiency. The built-in ovens Bosch, through the use of innovative materials and technologies, allow you to save up to 30% less energy than other ovens of class A. This way every ten use the electric oven, three are free.
Some functions of the Bosh electric ovens:
  • High temperatures to low consumption: the oven reaches 500 ° C absorbing less power 3kW
  • Heating Top / Bottom: mode of classical cooking
  • AriaCalda 3D Eco: allows hot air to move 360 degrees around the dishes, optimizing energy consumption
  • MultiCooking 3D: ensures excellent cooking using up to three levels simultaneously cooking (three trays arranged on the five heights available)
  • Thawing: to defrost foods
  • HydroCooking: specific for a batch of bread, croissants and frozen Intensive
  • Intensive MultiCooking: combines hot air and bottom heat the oven
  • Fan grill: to make crisp foods
  • Lower heat: in a water bath for cooking or browning the bottom foods
  • VarioGrill: for grilling by adjusting the power of various levels
  • Preheat: to pre-heat the dishes
  • Chafing: To keep food warm
  • Electronic management symbols: to bake automatically using the AutoPilot programs
  • Pyrolysis: system of self cleaning oven pyrolytic or Ecolyse

For more details on the electrical and multifunction ovens, for prices or request a quote for delivery, choose the model and see the datasheet.

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