14 Apr
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Coenergia is proud to support the project "CON ENERGIA: festival della sostenibilità energetica a Mantova" which will be held in our city in April.   In the last decades the topic of energy sustainability is at the center of the debate that...
27 Mar
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Also for 2018 Coenergia, as the main distributor for the Italian market, renewed its partnership with JA Solar with great pleasure. We are happy to collaborate with an innovative reality and with which we share an economically and ecologically...
23 Mar
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Coenergia, at Easter, will be closed on Monday, April 2nd.   We remind you that Friday 30 March there will be the national block of transport (from 14:00 to 22:00): to limit the inconvenience, we therefore invite you to check and agree on time...
21 Feb
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General transport strike 23 February 2018

Feb 21, 2018 Scioperonazionale
Coenergia want to inform you that a national transport strike (union Cobas) have been proclaimed on Friday 23th February.     The strike will affect workers in the areas of logistics, car transports and shipments.   Freight forwarders will try to...
12 Feb
icona training.png
SolarEdge, as every year, organize the Innovation Tour for meet and train the professionas in the photovoltaic sector of the italian market. Coenergia is gratefull to support this initiative inviting you to subscrive at the nerby event to you!  ...
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