21 Feb
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Etica nel Sole - Porsche Turin Installation

The Turin-based company Etica Nel Sole realized a 200 kW photovoltaic system for the Porsche Dealer in Turin; the architectural structure of the dealership made it indispensable to cover multiple layers with different orientations and inclinations.
For Etica nel Sole it is the largest plant made with SolarEdge technology and has been installed for an important customer both for the prestigious brand that it represents (Porsche Dealer) and for the close relationship that Etica nel Sole has with the customer.
The photovoltaic system was created with the aim of responding to a specific need of the customer, which was to increase their energy self-sufficiency.
For the procurement of photovoltaic material, Etica nel Sole has decided to rely on Coenergia S.r.l., just for the professionalism and seriousness that distinguishes us.
Specifically, we have recommended the use of SolarEdge inverters with optimizers, to allow the company to concentrate the installation on less layers; in fact, their optimization has allowed a better use of space and a reduction in costs and installation time.
The use of SolarEdge has made further savings possible by reducing the number of strings by 60% and increasing the length of the strings, with an average of 35 modules per string (unlike the 22 modules in a traditional system ).
For this system, 384 P600 optimizers and 11 SE 17k inverters were used.