CSolutions S.r.l - Acqualagna (PU)
18 Jun
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CSolutions S.r.l - Acqualagna (PU)

Installation by the company CSolutions srl in Acqualagna (PU). The plant was built with by the photovoltaic panels QCELLS model QPRO240G2 with Inverter POWER ONE (AURORA PVI 6000 - TL - OUTD) and with a GSE regime with net metering. The annual production of recorded energy is 7600 kWh, power plant amounting to 6.00 kWp and an internal rate of return IRR of 15.60%. The Plant was built with the 4th energy account and an incentive rate of 0.373. The materials were acuistati at the firm Coenergia srl in Bondeno of Gonzaga (MN).
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