ZCS inverter HYBRID

The Hybrid Inverter ZCS (from 3 to 6 kW) is the ideal solution to improve energy indipendence of the residenzial house.

It's ideal for:

  • Existing (RETROFIT AC) plants thanks to the wide compatibility
  • New plants DC
  • In case of disconnection of the network, thanks to the support mode "Stand-alone" guarantees the supply of loads
For other informations about the battery used:
Available with 5/10 year warranty
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ZCS Hybrid Inverter
ZCS Azzurro hybrid storage inverter system represents the ideal solution to optimize energy independence in residential applications.
With a nominal output power from 3 to 6KW and a storage capacity up to 30 kWh, it can be adapted to any kind of necessity, both in retrofit and in new installations.

All inverters in the HYB family are extremely flexible and besides working in hybrid mode, may also be configured to manage either the photovoltaic installation only or the connection, AC side, of an existing installation. In this latest mode, HYB Azzurro inverters guarantee compatibility with any kind of technology (solar, wind, etc…) and with any kind of inverter.
  • Automatic management of the Energy fluxes from photovoltaic, battery and grid
  • Graphic LCD display for local monitoring
  • Remote monitoring system through APP or web portal for the visualization of consumptions, production, stored
    energy and exchange with the grid
  • Energy Meter integrated on board
  • No intervention required on existing electrical system, thanks to the use of an open core current sensor
  • Flexible management of battery charge/discharge according to local standards
  • Maximization of self-consumption above 80%
  • Possibility to set the zero grid input mode
  • The unit is compatible with lithium batteries as well as with other 48V technologies (lead, gel, salty water etc…)
  • The stand alone support mode guarantees continuity of exercise and operation in “island mode”, both from the photovoltaic source and from battery, in case of electric black-out

Code ZS-HYD3000 ZS-HYD3000W ZS-HYD3600 ZS-HYD3600W ZS-HYD4000 ZS-HYD4000W ZS-HYD5000 ZS-HYD4600 ZS-HYD6000 ZS-HYD4600W ZS-HYD5000W ZS-HYD6000W
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