X-Hybrid Three Phase Inverter SolaX

X-Hybrid three Phase Inverter SolaX
Available with both built-in charger (SK-SU3000 / SK-SU3700 / SK-SU5000) and external charger (SK-TL3000 / SK-TL3700 / SK-TL5000).
The Hybrid inverter with integrated charger is suitable for pv systems with standard electrical consumption.
It's an complete solution, which includes:
  • photovoltaic inverter
  • battery charger
  • EPS function in case of black out
  • monitoring
  • which can be used with both gel batteries and LITIO batteries
The external charger version has the same basic features as the previous one, but is specific for users with important power profiles (induction plates, heat pumps ...)
Compatible with:
PYLONTECH Energy Storage H48050
PYLONTECH Energy Storage H48074A
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The Solax X-Hybrid system offers an integrated system that also includes an advanced battery charger and essential EPS function in case of blackout. The presence of the automatic safety isolator guarantees the isolation of the system from the mains in case of maintenance.
Integrated X-Hybrid management gives priority to load and storage in battery compared to the on-line distribution, with increased automatic power consumption (minimum 80%).
The easy PLUG and PLAY installation and the ability to edit priorities directly through the user friendly control panel make X-Hybrid the perfect solution!
Thanks to the free remote monitoring portal you can store production, consumption and battery status for over 25 years.
  • self-consumption increase from 25% to over 80%
  • freedom from rising energy prices, for a safer energy future
  • reducing line stress by reducing power from solar sources
  • continuity of operation even in the presence of electric blackouts
  • remote monitoring solutions for power management and power generation
  • High quality components from European / US / Japanese origin
  • High use of solar energy and long battery life thanks to the innovative design of the charging module
  • High charge / discharge efficiency of 94%
  • The Modular Design allows you to increase the capacity of both the battery charger and the batteries themselves
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