MyReserve is a storage system connected in DC between the strings and the inverter.
MyReserve is modular and adapts to existing and new photovoltaic systems.
Self-consumption and independence from the electricity grid are efficiently increasing.

What does modular mean?
The system is suitable from single-family homes to large residential, industrial or professional buildings. If your energy needs grow, you can buy new batteries and increase your system. The great modularity (from 2.4 to 72kWh) and the installation flexibility (works with both single-phase and three-phase inverters from 3 to 25kW) ensure that the correct sizing is always found. This means a great economic advantage and at the same time an increase in the life time of the product.

How is the system structured?
MyReserve is structured in two complementary modules: MyReserve Command, an "intelligent" manager, which controls the operation of the entire system and MyReserve Pack, the ultra compact battery modules. The combination of these two elements creates a complete and flexible electricity storage system that adapts to your current and future needs.

What are the pluses of the new model?
MyReserve 25 guarantees high quality performance: the capacity of its batteries is 2.4kWh, 100% downloadable. The control unit improves performance: the PV input is 1,000V and 25A, a technical feature that allows you to increase adaptability. Furthermore, thanks to a protection class updated to IP54, the entire system can also be installed outdoors.

MyReserve Pack modules guarantee 99.2% efficiency over a complete cycle. Performance that no competitor has managed to match so far. Today it is possible to extend the storage capacity of MyReserve from 2.4 kWh to the desired capacity.

Easier installation and low maintenance
Thanks to the modular design and the low weight of its components (each component weighs less than 25kg), MyReserve is particularly easy to install, just the intervention of a single technician. Maintenance is also very simple: its individual components can be repaired or replaced quickly, minimizing product management costs.

Safety has always been one of the strong points of SOLARWATT batteries. MyReserve has been designed and tested so that the security of the product and your data is guaranteed. A sophisticated monitoring system protects the battery from overheating, allowing the system to automatically shut down in the event of a problem or error and is 100% protected from hacker attack. It is also one of the first systems to meet the German guidelines on the security of residential storage.

Made in Germany
MyReserve meets the German quality criteria and standards for lithium ion batteries. All components are carefully selected and assembled in German production sites. We therefore guarantee quality, durability and maximum long-term efficiency.
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