SH3K6 - SH4K6 - Single phase hybrid inverter SUNGROW

Single phase hybrid inverter SH3K6 / SH4K6
Possibility to connect both Lithium and Acid Lead batteries for energy storage, managed in an intelligent way by the inverter itself.
Suitable both for new installations and for replacements in existing systems.
Rated AC power: 3.680Wac / 4.600Wac
Compact design inverter and low weight for easy installation

Suitable with the following batteries:

Standard warranty 5 years
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KIT Sungrow Hybrid + Batteries LG Litio 48V Li-Ion
KSG-SH3K6    |    Inverter Hybrid 3680Wac 2MPPT (DC Switch)
KSG-SH4K6    |    Inverter Hybrid 4600Wac 2MPPT (DC Switch)
KSG-CAB-25   |    Cavi di Collegamento tra Inverter e Batterie 48V (1,8m 25mmq)

Batteries for KIT Hybrid SUNGROW
KLG-RESU3.3L    |    RESU3.3 - 3,3kWh 48V Li-on Battery  DoD 90%
KLG-RESU6.5L    |    RESU6.5 - 6,5kWh 48V Li-on Battery  DoD 90%
KLG-RESU10L     |    RESU10 - 9,8kWh 48V Li-on Battery  DoD 90%
KLG-RESU13L     |    RESU13 - 12,4kWh 48V Li-on Battery  DoD 95% 

Batteries LV Low Voltage 48Vdc
BY-BBOXL3.5    |    Battery Box 48Vdc 3,5kWh con Base BCU LV
BY-BBOXL7.0    |    Battery Box 48Vdc 7,0kWh con Base BCU LV
BY-BBOXL10.5  |    Battery Box 48Vdc 10,5kWh con Base BCU LV
BY-BBOXL14.0  |    Battery Box 48Vdc 14,0kWh con Base BCU LV
BY-BBOXP13.8  |    Battery Box PRO 48Vdc 13,8kWh 
Main characteristics of the inverter
  • Maximum yield 97.7%, European 97.2%
  • 2 independent MPPTs, wide MPP voltage range from 125V to 560V
  • MC4 connectors
  • Optimized design for natural convection cooling
  • Durable and lightweight die-cast aluminum alloy casing (only 22kg)
  • IP65 degree of protection with all electronic parts encapsulated in the chassis
  • Real-time string monitoring in high-precision (0.5% accuracy)
  • Local configuration and monitoring via APP or remote via iSolarCloud, with firmware update via Wi-Fi or Ethernet without intervention on the inverter
  • Large LCD screen for easy reading and simple management
  • Intelligent energy flow management system to maximize self-consumption
  • Charging / discharging circuit for high frequency isolation batteries with 48 V voltage and maximum charging / charging current equal to 65 A
Code SG-SH3K6 SG-SH4K6