Leonardo PRO X

The Leonardo PRO 4X is the ideal solution for adding a storage system to photovoltaic systems already equipped with AC On-Grid string inverters.
It is equipped with an integrated display and realtime serial monitoring. It will therefore be possible to monitor your system and view historical data from anywhere thanks to the web portal and Leonardo Monitor APP
WE-ACX-3-48L: (CEI021) for Single-Phase system 
WE-ACX-3-48S: (CEI021) for Three-Phase system 
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New hardware
  • Maximum efficiency: 95%
  • Output power: 3000VA
  • Small size: a quarter of the previous model
Load management and anti-blackout
  • Load management with current sensor and EPS output for privileged loads in the event of a blackout with a recovery time of less than 10ms
  • Possibility to add a slave module to double the available power (6000VA)
RESU batteries - LG Chem
  • Compatibility with all 48V Li-ION RESU LG Chem battery models.
Integrated monitoring and control
  • Integrated monitoring and control via APP (iOS and Android), WEB portal and remote display for assistance, updates and modification of system parameters
Code WE-ACX-3-48L WE-ACX-3-48S
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