Leonardo OFF-GRID GE (Backup on generator set)

The Leonardo Off-Grid GE has been conceived and specially developed for the production and storage of domestic energy; combined with photovoltaic modules and accumulation batteries, it provides power to the house up to its complete self-support.

The Leonardo Off-Grid GE makes it easy and immediate to use energy produced by photovoltaic modules, for powering domestic users, with the possibility of using a generator (back-up) in case of reduced renewable energy.

The system provides independent MPPT inputs via a dedicated charge controller: this technology implements a search circuit of maximum power depending on the voltage and current of the PV module, always maximizing the energy delivered. By connecting a generator to the input AC input, the system ensures continuity of operation of the users without perceptible discontinuity in case of low battery due to the reduced renewable energy available. In fact, the genset simultaneously manages the power supply of the loads and the recharge of the battery bank.
!!! Coming Soon Datasheet with Lithium Battery !!!
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  • Photovoltaic production and storage system
  • Recharge MPPT via charge controller with independent inputs
  • Max PV power 8kWp
  • AC input for generator set bypass
  • Pure sine wave DC / AC inverter
  • Output voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Inverter efficiency 95%
  • Efficiency of the PV charge regulator 97.2%
  • Contact for automatic ignition of the generator set
  • Battery isolation switch
  • Battery voltage 12 / 48Vdc
  • Batteries Lead for cyclic use OPzS, OPzV
  • Low battery protection
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Short circuit protection and AC overload
  • Over-temperature protection
  • IP20 container
  • Simplicity of wiring
  • Optional Battery Box
LEONARDO OFF-GRID GE (Backup on generator set)
  • WE-OGG-1-24   |   Inverter Leonardo Off Grid GE 1500W/24V 2MPPT
  • WE-OGG-3-48   |   Inverter Leonardo Off Grid GE 3000W/48V 4MPPT
  • WE-OGG-5-48   |   Inverter Leonardo Off Grid GE 5000W/48V 4MPPT
  • WE-OGG-8-48   |   Inverter Leonardo Off Grid GE 8000W/48V 4MPPT 
Code WE-OGG-1-24 WE-OGG-3-48 WE-OGG-5-48 WE-OGG-8-48
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