Leonardo 4K - New Installations

The Leonardo PRO 4K is an accumulation system designed to be installed on newly constructed plants in order to reduce the withdrawal from the network counter and thus maximize energy independence.
  • Inverter without networking
  • MPPT recharge with 4 independent inputs 4kWp maximum power
  • ANTI BLACK OUT function on privileged users
  • Continuous output power 3.000 and 5.000 VA
  • Contact for maximum self-consumption
  • Battery management at 48V
  • PEAK SHAVING function for increasing the available power in the domestic plant
  • Lithium Battery
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KIT LEONARDO 4K for new single-phase PV systems - combined with: LG/TRIENERGIA/PILONTECH
  • WL-S4K-M4.3   |   Kit Leonardo 4K Single-Phase- FV max 4kWp - Batt. Max 8,6kWh (battery excluded)
  • WL-S4K-M8.6   |   Kit Leonardo 4K Single-Phase- FV max 6kWp - Batt. Max 8,6kWh (battery excluded)
KIT LEONARDO 4K for new three-phase PV systems - combined with: LG/TRIENERGIA/PILONTECH
  • WL-S4K-T12   |   Kit 3 Leonardo 4K Three-Phase- FV max 12kWp - Batt. Max 17,2kWh  (battery excluded)
Code WE-S4K-3-48L WE-S4K-3-48S
Series n/a Leonardo
Input Voltage Vdc (V) n/a 150 (per o
Output Voltage Vdc (V) n/a 48.0
Output Voltage Vac (V) n/a 230.0
Rated Power (W) n/a 3000.0
Weight (Kg / Lb) n/a 25.0
Dimensions (mm) n/a 395x940x250
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