• Scalable from 3.8 kWh to 245.8 kWh
  • Maximum Flexibility for Any Application with a Maximum of 64 Modules Connected in Parallel
  • Compatible with Single and Three Phase Inverter Leaders
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LFP) Without Cobalt: Maximum safety, cycles and power
  • High Power Backup and Off-Grid Functions
  • Patented Desing Plugin Without Internal Cables
  • Self-consumption optimization for residential and commercial applications
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Battery-Box Premium LVS
  • 3.84 kWh module
  • Modular Design Simplifies Transport and Installation

Up to 64 LVS Battery-Box Premium modules can be connected in parallel to reach a maximum capacity of 245.8 kWh. This model offers the possibility of resizing by adding LVS modules at any time.
BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for use with a compatible external inverter. BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS contains 1 to 6 LVS modules in parallel and can reach 3.84 kWh up to 23.0 kWh of useful capacity:
  • Battery-Box LVS 3.8 (3.84 kWh)
  • Battery-Box LVS 7.7 (7.68 kWh)
  • Battery-Box LVS 11.5 (11.52 kWh)
  • Battery-Box LVS 15.4 (15.36 kWh)
  • Battery-Box LVS 19.2 (19.20 kWh)
  • Battery-Box LVS 23.0 (23.04 kWh)
Code BY-BMU BY-PDU BY-LVS BY-LVS-03.8 BY-LVS-07.7 BY-LVS-11.5 BY-LVS-15.4 BY-LVS-19.2 BY-LVS-23.0
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