Solar Stat. SS20|40-D SS20|40DC double tube

Solar station double tube - max 40mq
D: without control unit
DC: with control unit
  • Solar systems with forced circulation operating with antifreeze or water liquid
  • Solar systems with vacuum and flat panels
  • For solar systems up to 40 sq.m.
Solar station Warranty: 2 years
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Solar station mono tube 20-40 mq
The solar station is composed of
  • Speed Control: adjustment of the speed of the solar circuit pump
  • Calorie counter function corresponds to the measurement of energy produced by the panels (with additional probe)
  • Animated representation of the functions of the solar system
  • Holiday function (storage tank cooling)
  • Antifreeze function
  • 2 relays as output
  • INTERAXIS 125mm.
  • A special rear metal plate fixes the unit to the insulation and allows easy installation both on the wall and on the boiler
Notes n/a CIRCOLATORE WILO YONOS PARA ST 25/7, Temp max (20") 160°C n/a n/a
Notes n/a Regolatore di portata 1-6 l/min n/a n/a
Dimensions / Diameter (mm) n/a 308x434x169 n/a n/a
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