Rapid DHW production module TRI-MF20|40

Group of instantaneous production of DHW with thermostatic regulation and high efficiency circulator
  • Use in coupling buffer storage
  • DHW production for family or single-family homes
Treatment Guarantee production module ACS: 2 years
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Compact and ready-to-install module for the instantaneous production of domestic hot water for family users, particularly suitable for application on buffer tanks in combination with traditional thermal circuits, wood, pellet, biomass. where the stratification phenomenon is not fundamentally required.
Hot water is produced when needed in a hygienic and fast way by means of a high efficiency plate heat exchanger, in AISI 316 steel, brazed; the exchanger allows the transmission of large powers with reduced thermal head and low primary return temperature.
The temperature can be set as desired in the range from 45 to 70 ° C.
Two pre-assembled and pre-wired models available:
- 50 kW, with flow rate up to 20 l / min, for systems of domestic use
- 100 kW, with flow rate up to 40 l / min, for small communities



  • ACS instantaneous production
  • No legionella treatment is needed
  • External exchanger accumulation
  • Shut-off valves for easy maintenance of the plate heat exchanger
  • Easy to install
  • Compact size
  • Factory tested
Code TRI-MF20 TRI-MF40
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