Ambient Heating Unit TRGR VME

Environment Heating Group TRGR1-VME
2-way module with 3-way mixing valve with electronic control for constant temperature Heating - Cooling
  • For power up to 35kW (with Dt 20k) and maximum flow 1500 l / h.
  • Kvs value: 6.
Heating unit Warranty: 2 years
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Environment Heating Group TRGR1-VME
The group for circulatory 1 "(180mm) consists of
  • Connection
  • Three-way mixing valve with electronic servomotor
  • circulator synchronic
  • Flanged ball valve with thermometer handle (thermometer with red ring; 0-120 ° C)
  • Flanged ball valve with non-return valve 20 mbar (the non-return valve can be excluded by rotating the handle 45 °)
  • Provided with handle thermometer (thermometer with blue ring; 0-120 ° C).
  • Tee for mixing valve
  • (size:Wheelbase 125 mm. 250x380x170 mm) EPP insulation box
  • PN 10, maximum temperature 110 ° C (group without circulator)
  • Available external connections: 1" Female
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