LG Neon R (Q1CV5)

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module
with 60 cells (161,7x161,7mm)
with anodized aluminum frame
Connectors: MC4, IP68

Product: 25 years
Performance: 25 years linear
IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1/-2, IEC TS 62804-1 (PID), IEC 61701 (test of resistance to the corrosion in saline haze), IEC 62716 (resistance test in ammonia), ISO 9001, Classe C
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LG NeON® R is new powerful product with global top level performance. Applied new cell structure without electrodes on the front, LG NeON® R maximized the utilization of light and enhanced. Its reliability LG NeON® R demonstrates LG’s efforts to increase customer’s values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced guarantee, durability, performance under real environment, and aesthetic design suitable for roofs.
Code LG380Q1CV5
Rated Power (Wp) 380.0

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