LG Mono Neon H (N1KE6) - Full Black

LG Mono Neon H (N1KE6)
Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Module - Full Black
with 120 half-cells

Black anodized aluminum frame
Connectors: MC4, IP 68
Product Warranty: 25 years
Performance Guarantee: 25-year linear guarantee

IEC 61215-1 / -1-1 / 2: 2016, IEC 61730-1 / 2: 2016, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001,

Ammonia Corrosion Test - IEC 62716: 2013
Salt Mist Corrosion Test - IEC 61701: 2012 Severity 6
Module Fire Performance - Class C, Fire Class 1 (Italy)
  • High efficiency
  • 365 - 370 - 375 - 380 Wp

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NeON® H Black is the result of LG's commitment to providing the customer with much more than just efficiency.
The added value is constituted by the Improved guarantee, by the duration,
with performance in real conditions and aesthetic design, which makes it particularly suitable for installation on roofs.

Main features:

- Warranty extension
LG NeON® H Black offers an extended power warranty.
After 25 years, LG guarantees at least 90.6% of the original power of the LG NeON® H module.

- Better performance on sunny days
Today LG NeON® H Black ensures better performance in the sun thanks to the optimization of
temperature coefficients.

- 25-year product warranty
In addition to the extended performance guarantee,
LG also offers a product warranty of 25 years.

- Exceptional durability
Thanks to the reinforced structure of the frame
LG NeON® H Black withstands pressure values
up to 6,000Pa and suction values ​​up to 5,400Pa.
Code LG370N1KE6 LG375N1KE6

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