ZCS Lite Single-Phase Inverter 1 MPPT

ZCS Inverter Single-Phase 1 MPPT
The ZCS Azzurro Single-phase inverters of the TL series are the ideal solution for small-scale residential photovoltaic systems.
Available in sizes from 1 to 3kW, they are small, handy, easy to install.
Thanks to the wide input range, they are easy to configure and adapt to any type of need both on new systems and in retrofit on existing systems.
Through the multifunction graphic display, all data can be immediately consulted and WiFi connectivity allows remote monitoring at no cost.
5/10 year warranty version available
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ZCS Lite Single-PhaseInverter 



  • Top energy efficiency class; max. possible efficiency: 97.7%
  • Quick and intuitive assembly and installation: "plug & play" connections


  • Fast and accurate MPP tracking. Excellent performance


  • Versatile and easy to handle. Compact weight and size
  • Aluminium die-casting, IP65 protection degree
  •  High quality components, long service life
Code ZS-1100LS ZS-1100LS10Y ZS-1600LS ZS-1600LS10Y ZS-2200LS ZS-2200LS10Y ZS-2700LS ZS-2700LS10Y ZS-3000LS ZS-3000LS10Y

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