Single-Phase Trienergia M1 Serie

Single-Phase Trienergia Serie M1
The photovoltaic single-phase inverters of the Trienergia M1 are characterized by reduced dimensions, low weight, high efficiency, ease of installation and use, stability and reliability and are the preferred inverters for residential photovoltaic system.
  • POWER: 1200 | 3000 W
  • 1 MPPT
  • IP65
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Compact and Robust
  • Aluminum alloy die casting enclosure, permanently anti-rust
  • IP 65, ensuring waterproof and dustproof during the 25-year service life
  • Integrated streamlined case design with elegant appearance
  • Light weight, less than 9kg for 3kW inverter; dual-in-line wiring method,simplified one-person installation·Industrial-grade high quality components, obtaining a 25-year design life
High Conversion Efficiency, High Overload Capacity, More Power Generation Benefit
  • High conversion efficiency up to 97.8%
  • Internal double boards design, without wiring terminal connection,low failure rate, ensuring long-term continuous power generation of the inverter
  • Self-adaptive to the weak grid conservative mechanism, ride-through in harsh environment
  • 10% output overload capacity, increasing power generation benefits by more than 20%
  • 600 V withstand voltage, 90~550V wide MPPT range, supporting input over 30%
Easy Operation, Intelligent Monitoring, Running Cost Reduction
  • Remote wireless transmission and cloud storage of power generation and operational data
  • One-click APP configuration, real-time query via smart phone, convenient and efficient
  • Support meter communication interface, more accurate power generation data, ensuring the profits
  • Remote software upgrade, parameter setting and troubleshooting query,greatly reducing the cost of operation and maintenance
  • Provided with the functions of grid remote power control, dry contact control, sound and light alarm
Code TR-M1-2000 TR-M1-2500 TR-M1-3000

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