PIKO IQ Three-Phase Inverter - KOSTAL

Inverter Thhree phase series PIKO IQ
Available Models with 2 MPPT: 
PIKO-4.2IQ / PIKO-5.5IQ / PIKO-7.0IQ / PIKO-8.5IQ / PIKO 10IQ
Warranty: 5 years* extendible until 15 years.
ALL in ONE system, compact and ready to use
*again online registration
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Three-phase inverters PIKO IQ
Flexible use
  • 2 MPP trackers to configure almost all types of roof
  • Expanded MPP range: perfect for revamping
  • 5 class power: perfect for every house
Smart connected
  • Smart Communication Board – advanced and new functions can be expanded via app
  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, integrated network and regulation interfaces as standard, WLAN ready via external USB-WLAN adapter1)
  • Free solar portal to monitor the PV system
  • EEBus and Sunspec for the Smart Home connection
Smart performance
  • Fast and self-learning shading management - adapts to the specifics of the installation site
  • Dynamic control of active power and 24-hour monitoring of domestic consumption
Easy to install
  • Easy configuration of the dispositives thanks to the assistence.
  • Secure installation with a separated installation area.
  • Auto Update and Remote Support

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