HD-WAVE SolarEdge

Single Phase Solar Inverters HD-Wave SolarEdge
Revolutionary inverter in the field of solar applications over the last 20 years.
Weight and size REDUCED significantly, thanks to the use of new and advanced technologies.
12 year warranty extending up to 25 years !!!
The extension is available within 24 months of the date of shipment
SolarEdge 10 kWh Energy Bank battery is designed to be connected directly to the single-phase inverter with HD-Wave technology.
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  • Specifically designed to work with power optimizers
  • 99.2% maximum efficiency - minor LCOE
  • Over dimensioning up to 155%
  • Extremely small, ultra light and easy to install
  • Advanced security with string tension reduction
  • Detection and interruption for optional electric arc according to UL1699b
  • Greater maximum power per string
  • Compatible with existing SolarEdge systems
  • Integrated monitoring at the module level
  • Constant DC-side voltage inverter for longer strings
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Compatible with the StorEdge Interface for StorEdgeTM intelligent energy management devices
Code SE2200HWG SE3000HWG SE3500HWG SE3680HWG SE4000HWG SE5000HWG SE6000HWG

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