Current Sensor

- Battery: it measures the currents flowing through the battery cable;
- Use: it measures the external use currents which are not connected to the charge regulator;
- Charge process: it measures the currents of the store generators.
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Code PAHS200
Series Reg. Carica
Weight (Kg / Lb) 0,12 kg (0.26 lb)
Dimensions (mm) 100 X 60 X 25 (3,94 x 2,36 x 1,50'')
Series Accessori Stand-Alon
Notes Utenze: misura le correnti di utenze esterne non collegate al regolatore di carica
Notes Processo di carica: misura le correnti dei generatori di riserva
Flow Rate Air (M3/h) _
Weight (Kg-Lb) _