Hybrid systems for heating, cooling, DHW

Coenergia is a manufacturer and distributor of hybrid systems Trienergia brand. Hybrid systems are a solution that allows you to simultaneously handle winter heating, summer cooling and domestic hot water, ensuring excellent performance and great savings in electricity / gas bill. The Trienergia Hybrid system, thanks to a hydraulic separator, allows the joint operation of the heat pump and condensing boiler and allows to obtain hot water instantaneously, without the need for accumulation. The Trienergia Trio 3 in 1 is instead a hybrid kit consisting of ACS boiler with reverse cycle heat pump for winter heating, summer cooling and domestic hot water, interfaced with the existing boiler and designed for connection to solar panels. The Trienergia hydraulic separator allows operation of minichiller and boiler, allowing you to optimize the system thermodynamic efficiency with a view to saving energy. For prices or to request more information, see the product sheets.
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