HPU Hybrid
Hybrid system Condensing boiler and heat pump

- Ideal to replace the old wall-hung boilers while keeping the existing high temperature radiators

- Heating efficiency: 35% more efficient than a condensing boiler

- Production of domestic hot water using a heat pump to maximize the use of renewable or instant energy, with maximum efficiency

- Plug & Play installation: simple and minimally invasive, with external unit that can be installed at a later time

- Heating, instant DHW production and cooling
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- Heating
Depending on the outside temperature, energy costs and heat demand,
HPU Hybrid activates the heat pump or boiler or both technologies simultaneously,
with the aim of always operating in the most economical way possible.

- Heat pump
With a nominal COP of 5.04,
the heat pump integrated in Daikin HYBRID SYSTEM is the best technology to reduce running costs.

- Hybrid operation
To meet a higher heat demand with lower outside temperatures,
the heat pump and the boiler are activated simultaneously in the most economical way possible.
The water flow is automatically adjusted with the aim of lowering the operating temperature of the heat pump, improving its efficiency.

- Condensing boiler
When the outside temperature becomes particularly cold,
the condensing boiler is the only active technology.