aroTHERM VWL 85/3 - Vaillant

Produced internally by Vaillant, aroTHERM VWL / 2 is the high efficiency (COP up to 4.8) monobloc air / water heat pump equipped with a Twin Rotary inverter compressor and variable speed fans.
This heat pump is ideal for heating, domestic hot water production and room cooling. The maximum delivery temperature that can be reached is 63 ° C, one of the highest values in the category.

aroTHERM can be integrated with Vaillant accessories already pre-sized and designed to meet the needs of different types of systems. Radiant panels are the favored systems for achieving maximum system efficiency with aroTHERM, but it also works adequately with medium temperature radiator systems and fan coil systems.
Everything is then controlled and managed through the calorMATIC 470/3 control unit, the true mind of the Vaillant system.
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