Supreme Series - Inverter with Wi-Fi - GAS R32

Series Supreme - Inverter with Wi-Fi - GAS R32
Inverter Monosplit - Supreme series, with integrated wi-fi
Energy Efficiency Class: A++ / A+++
Efficient temperature range in cooling from -15 °C a +54 °C 
Efficient temperature range in heatingfrom -30 °C a +24 °C

SEER: 6.5~8.5kW
SCOP: 5.1~4.6 kW
Indoor/outdoor unit weight: 13~16.5/44.5~64 kg
From 9.000 to 24.000 btu
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  • Innovative and compact transformer
  • COLD PLAZMA function
  • I FEEL function
  • Eco heating operation
  • Energy saving cooling operation mode
  • New premium level remote control with ergonomic design and nighttime backlight
  • Sophisticated software to optimize air conditioner operation within wide range of compressor frequency rotations
  • Multispeed fan
  • Wide air flow distribution
  • Autorestart
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