4-way cassette series R - Cooper e Hunter

4-way cassette series R - GAS R32
Energy Efficiency Class: A+ / A+ 
Efficient temperature range from da -20 °C a +48 °C
Power consumption for heating: 1,10 kW
Power consumption for cooling: 1,03 kW
Performance, cooling: 4 kW
Performance, heating: 3,5 kW
Indoor/outdoor unit weight: 17~36/37~ 112 kg
From 12.000 to 24.000 btu
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  • Simple installation
  • Compact overall dimensions
  • Low noise fan
  • Long life cycle washable filter
  • Drain pump
  • Self-testing of main units and modes to identify malfunctions
  • Multi-level system protection
  • Pipeline length is up to 75 m (for high power models)
  • The possibility of selecting an indoor air temperature sensor for controlling.
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