Airleaf RS - Innova

Innova AirLeaf RS are water fan coils, wall mounted, suitable for heating, air conditioning and dehumidifying the environment.
  • Front panel heating
  • High static yield (without main fan on)
  • Front radiant effect
  • Exclusive design
  • Very compact slim model (depth 129 mm)
  • Very silent
  • Can be integrated with home automation and remote control
  • Winter heating
  • Air conditioning and summer dehumidification
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 AirLeaf RS combines the convection heating ventilating effect with the radiating effect of the front panel to increase the wellbeing of the persons present in the room. Thanks to this unique principle of operation, once the terminal reaches the ideal temperature it maintains it without the aid of the main fan and, therefore, in absolute silence.The fan turns off gradually through a modulating control, as the room approaches the desired temperature set on the controller.This exclusive patent is based on a simple but highly effective notion that avoids the complications and poor functional reliability of systems with built-in radiators and special valves.The size and design of the devices are completely identical to the SL series and therefore of absolute elegance and compactness. 
Code IN-RS200C IN-RS400C IN-RS600C IN-RS800C IN-RS1000C
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