Wall Box Trienergia - Double 22Kw

Wall-box Trienergia - wall charging station
Plastic wall wall with 1 or 2 Type 2 sockets 32/63A - 22kW
TRI-WD02-11 | TRI-WD02-12 | TRI-WD02-11A | TRI-WD02-12A
  • charge in 3 way with pilot circuit PMW
  • identifying the size of the connected cable
  • lid lock management and plug anti-extraction
  • operation in stand-alone mode free or personal
  • protection against overcurrents and electric shock
  • delivered energy and absorbed current metering 
  • identification of authorized user
  • predisposition for serial communication
TRI-WD02-11A | TRI-WD02-12A
  • protection against direct contact Safety Child Shutters
  • remote control interfaced with OCCP Central Station
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