Fireplaces Wood Hot Air

Coenergia is distributor and retailer of wood-burning fireplaces with hot air, a solution that allows to heat in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner and at the same time to save. The fireplaces have a very high efficiency and allow you to get a saving on heating costs by up to 70%. They are also a solution that allows to heat in an environmentally sustainable and non-polluting. Various models of air chimneys are available at Trienergia brand:
- contemporary wood-burning fireplaces, suitable for integration into modern and design environments, to give a touch of personality to the home
- fireplaces with bottom wall, ideal for those who want to relive the excitement of a mountain fire in your home
- wood burning fireplaces recessed wall, easy to install and suitable to be placed in small spaces and to be integrated with any type of decor
- wood-burning fireplaces for outdoor use, to recreate in a garden or on a patio hot fire atmosphere, a perfect solution to heat outside in the cool summer evenings or in the winter afternoons
The outbreak of the wood-burning fireplaces Trienegia is covered with vermiculite, a natural mineral with great insulating properties, which heats up quickly and does not warp with excessive heat. For full details on the characteristics of the various models, for prices or to request a cost estimate, the technical data sheets.
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