Boilers Wood

Coenergia is a reseller of high performance wood boilers modern and technological.
The boilers for solid fuel, such as wood briquettes, exploiting all the heat they generate and allow the full absorption by the water, thus guaranteeing better results.
The use of the natural fuel for excellence, like the wood briquettes, confer a high thermal level, in addition to the advantage of not polluting the environment.
These boilers are effective and equipped with the most modern technology, are created specifically for use the wood fuel and large rooms for greater energy efficiency.
Depending on the models, they can be equipped with exclusive systems such as the inverted flame, the gasification or pyrolytic combustion, the electronic control or the versatility in combining more fuels (such as wood and coal or wood and diesel fuel).
To request a free quote, to learn about all the features and prices, consult the technical datasheet.
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