12 Feb
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SolarEdge Roadshow 2018

Feb 12, 2018
SolarEdge, as every year, organize the Innovation Tour for meet and train the professionas in the photovoltaic sector of the italian market.
Coenergia is gratefull to support this initiative inviting you to subscrive at the nerby event to you!
You could improve your SolarEdge knowledge about solutions and new products or services which will contribute to increase your business with us.
SolarEdge will show important news both for the residential offer, including the compact solution from 1 to 2 kW perfect for the new buildings, and the commercial one, with the new three-phase inverter solution extended  to 100 kW. You will have also the possibility to meet the SolarEdge commercial and technical team, always available to help and support you in the best way and developped yours opportunities.
Following the dates and the places of the SolarEdge Innovation Tour 2018:
Subscrive Now, seats are limited!
Schedule 09:30 – 13:30

20th February
Torino Clicca qui
21th February Alba (CN) Clicca qui
22th  February Noventa di Piave (VE) Clicca qui
28th February Palermo Clicca qui
1st March Catania Clicca qui
2nd March Rovereto (TN) Clicca qui
7th March Bergamo Clicca qui
8th March Novara Clicca qui
9th March Padova Clicca qui
27th March Modena Clicca qui
28th March Rimini Clicca qui
29th March San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) Clicca qui
4th April Cosenza Clicca qui
5th April Napoli Clicca qui
11th April Lucca Clicca qui
12th April Arezzo Clicca qui
17th April Piacenza Clicca qui
18th April Brindisi Clicca qui
19th April Foggia Clicca qui
3th May Cagliari Clicca qui
4th May Roma Clicca qui
9th May Udine Clicca qui
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