Formazione SolarEdge
29 Oct
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SolarEdge Academy

Enter the EDGE Academy and become a SolarEdge expert

EDGE is the English acronym for Educate, Develop, Grow and Energize (Training, Development, Growth and Energy).

EDGE Academy is currently offering the free SolarEdge basic training course. The SolarEdge team has developed a 90-minute learning program to guide you through your first SolarEdge installation.
By completing the course you will also receive a certificate of participation!
IMPORTANT: the certificate of participation in the basic course does not give the right to RMA compensation, for which the participation and taking of the SolarEdge Certified Installer exam is instead required.
SolarEdge Basic Training Course:
  • Advantages of the SolarEdge solution
  • How to design and install the main components of the system
  • Practical monitoring simulations
SolarEdge Advanced Technical Training Course:
  • After-sales and new online program for Certified Installers
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