Coenergia offrirà i portachiavi token di Electromaps grazie ad accordi con Wallbox
24 Sep
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Electromaps Charging app for electric vehicles Electromaps is the leading charging application in Southern Europe and allows electric vehicle drivers to locate, access and pay at charging points across Europe. Electromaps has roaming agreements...
Blocco della circolazione dei mezzi pesanti 2021
21 Jul
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Blocking of the circulation of heavy vehicles Coenergia announces that due to the blockage of heavy vehicles from 4 to 10 pm, on Friday 23 July, Friday 30 July, Friday 6 August and Friday 13 August, deliveries could be delayed and inconveniences...
24 May
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New Three-phase Inverter with SolarEdge Synergy technology

mag 24, 2021 Inverter Inverter trifase Solaredge Nuovo inverter trifase solaredge
SolarEdge expands its range of solutions with the NEW THREE-PHASE INVERTER with SYNERGY TECHNOLOGY up to 120 kW Advantages of the product: Less time on site, less costs Check each step of the installation process, directly from your smartphone...