27 Mar
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Mar 27, 2012
We are pleased to inform you that on the website and on the website SolarMax Coenergia there is a document that provides the correct selection criteria for the isolation transformer to pair with our multi-string inverter series three-phase MT (Multi Tracker).

Where required by the regulations in force, must be provided to use this type of transformer in case meant realize a system design with "distributed" of the conversion system, namely that employs multiple inverters in the same plant.
In particular, for transformers low voltage (400Vac 400Vac primary and secondary) power greater than 300 kVA transformers and medium voltage power greater than 1000 kVA, we recommend you get in touch with the service pre-sale SolarMax so verify the correct choice of the transformer.

Please note also, that for systems that use more than n ° 20 of the MT series inverter, or central inverters with a total ≥ 500kW, the service is at your disposal free of SolarMax review of the project, so as to be sure of the application optimal inverter.

For more information and Coenergia SolarMax staff are at your disposal.
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