APP SMA Energy dedicata agli utenti finali
28 Oct
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SMA Energy APP dedicated to end users

With the SMA Energy app, monitoring a photovoltaic system is even easier

At this moment, is the solar energy produced by my photovoltaic system used to recharge my electric car or to recharge the storage system? The owners of homes equipped with a photovoltaic system want to know how the solar energy they produce is used. It is for them that SMA has developed the new SMA Energy app, which displays the production and consumption of photovoltaic energy, reports self-consumption and withdrawal from the grid and provides information on the state of charge of the energy stored in any battery.
Thanks to the SMA Energy app, owners of electric vehicles who have installed the new SMA EV-Charger wallbox can schedule the recharging of their electric car from the comfort of their sofa using the most convenient solar energy possible.
After the SMA 360 ° app, aimed at providing all-round support for installers in their daily activities, the SMA Energy app is entirely dedicated to the needs of end customers equipped with a photovoltaic system, with the aim of simplifying energy savings. The intuitive interface easily displays all the relevant energy data from Sunny Portal, SMA's online portal. In addition to the updated energy yield, self-consumption and residual current withdrawal from the grid, it is possible to observe the ecological impact of the home from the start of photovoltaic electricity production.
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