30 Mar
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Mar 30, 2012
More watts / square meter thanks to the new design.

A yield of 20%: this is the degree of efficiency of the modules expected by analysts of the market by 2020. Regarding the cells, SCHOTT Solar has already exceeded this value with its 6-inch cell. With the new products of SCHOTT PERFORM ™ MONO series, which will be launched on the market in the first half of 2012, the goal will be even more handy. The new modules are lighter and more compact, easier to install and even more beautiful to see them in black.

The increase in performance was made possible thanks to new methods. The new modules benefit from technology to three manifolds busbar, introduced by SCHOTT Solar for the first time this year, which allows to decrease the internal resistance increasing the performance up to five watts per module. With a series of extremely challenging test were able to determine the optimal ratio between height and width of the busbar taking into account their lifespan. The new technology has been adopted in all their product lines. Now the first modules to three busbars - series of SCHOTT PERFORM ™ MONO and SCHOTT PERFORM ™ POLY - have begun to come out of the production lines of their factories.

On the one hand, the increase of performance in the series SCHOTT PERFORM ™ MONO is the result of the best reception of the frequency spectrum blue and infrared to the cell level, which is responsible for a selective emitter on the front. The electrons travel a shorter distance on the way to the connector, allowing it to maintain a low level of contact resistance. The other part, the back side of the cell is coated with a dielectric and a metal layer and is equipped with contact points (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or PERC) able to decrease the rate of recombination of electrons, because photons are reflections in the best way, thus producing more energy per cell. Last summer, SCHOTT Solar has already scored a world record of 20.2% for monocrystalline cells, using a cell of this type. A new generation of SCHOTT PERFORM ™ MONO is currently in production on the model of this cell record.

The new form not only looks good thanks to the better performance. Given that the distance between the rows of cells has been reduced to three millimeters, and that even the "area of contact" between the cell and the structure is decreased, the module remains extremely compact. Now measure 1.652x990 mm, weighs 19 kg, making it one of the lightest in its class modules. Consequently, the module is particularly manageable. Furthermore, the efficiency is increased due to compact design and optimized. In addition, the new black anodized aluminum structure module, just 35 mm high, further helps to give a sleek and straightforward. For the first time, the modules have a hollow core structure that makes them highly stable and extremely easy to install. For example, the installation process on the ground has been made much simpler, and the symmetrical design of the module provides even greater flexibility.

Symmetrical design of the module:
  • High flexibility 'installation
  • Attractive Design
  • Using optimized surface


SCHOTT Solar also provides a linear performance guarantee for 25 years on this series of modules. The company guarantees a performance of at least 97% of the rated capacity for the first year of operation. Thanks to its many years of experience full of successes in the field of technology modules, the manufacturer guarantees a drop in performance of 0.7% per annum on the maximum rated capacity of the date of delivery for the next 24 years. In addition, SCHOTT Solar offers a ten-year guarantee on the product, in line with the warranty conditions applicable to the purchase.
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