15 Feb
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Feb 15, 2012

Q.CELLS: proclaimed brand best known and accredited in Germany, France and Italy.

The research firm EuPD Research and Hoehner Research & Consulting Group have awarded Q.CELLS as TOP BRAND PV GERMANY 2012, based on data collected in a survey carried out among the leading installers and end users, who proclaimed it one of the best-known brands and accredited.

The study found as customers tend to focus on the reliability and quality of the forms to which they are interested, as well as on their performance. Was also noted a growing awareness of the brand and image of the producer from the point of view of the customer a good image of the brand is synonymous with quality of the photovoltaic system.
In order to create greater transparency in the market, EuPD Research, a leading market research company in the field of renewable energy has developed an independent seal of quality. "TOP BRAND PV" is only awarded to companies that have been subject to the polls against customers and installers with results that demonstrate high levels of awareness and brand management, and given that Q.CELLS has obtained excellent results, he was awarded the prize of just "TOP bRAND PV 2012 GERMANY".Q.CELLS fact offers in addition to high quality standards of German engineering, even the triple advantage due to:
1)Anti PID Technology (APT): no power loss due to degradation induced by potential;
2) Hot-Spot Protect (HSP): increased safety performance and fire protection;
3)  Traceable Quality (Tra.Q ™): each module is counterfeit-proof and fully traceable.

Below you can find attached the form that certifies the award.
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