11 Dec
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Operation in December 2020 and Christmas Closure

Operational for December 2020

Coenergia will close from 24 December 2020 to 6 January 2021 inclusive. We will resume normal activities on Thursday 7 January 2021.
Transport will suffer delays due to the period therefore, to receive the goods by Wednesday 23 December 2020, the latest shipments will be made:
  • Wednesday 16 December for deliveries to the NORTH - CENTER (with the exception of disadvantaged locations)
  • Monday 14 December for deliveries to the SOUTH-ISLANDS (with the exception of disadvantaged locations)
This year we add the particular epidemiological situation that could have an unexpected effect on the transport situation. More so, timely programming is required, avoiding mandatory deliveries in the last days of business opening.
Our warehouse will ship until Wednesday 23 December without the possibility of indicating any mandatory delivery.
For specific delivery needs, please contact our logistics in time, to check any solutions available with dedicated transport.
The situation will be definitively regularized from Monday 11 January 2021.
We take this opportunity to give you a Christmas that can be as peaceful as possible.
The Coenergia Team
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