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19 Apr
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New Smart Warranty Plus Kostal extends the warranty to 10 years

Apr 19, 2022 InverterKostalGaranziaSmart warrantySmart warranty plus

Smart Warranty Kostal extend the warranty of your inverters

The requirements for getting 5 years of KOSTAL Smart Warranty, plus 5 years of Smart Warranty plus:

A manufacturer's guarantee is provided for KOSTAL inverters which is valid from the time of initial commissioning.
It can be extended free of charge up to a total of 10 years (5 + 5) via the KOSTAL SmartWarranty (5 years) and the KOSTAL Smart Warranty plus (additional 5 years; excluding the PIKO CI inverter).
Both the end customer and the installer can activate the KOSTAL guarantee via the KOSTAL Solar Web-shop.
For the 5-year Smart Warranty Plus you must also register your device in the KOSTAL Solar Portal. However, this must be done within the first 6 months after purchase or 12 months after delivery by KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH.
The legal warranty is not affected by the Smart Warranty.
At this link, you can access the KOSTAL Webshop with your credentials, register the inverter and obtain the free warranty extension.
The 5-year Smart Warranty extends the warranty for all inverters that came into operation before 01.04.2022, for machines over 20 kW and for the Enector wallbox.
The 10-year Smart Warranty Plus warranty extends the material warranty to a total of 10 years for all inverters up to 20 kW starting from the 6th year of operation and entering into operation from 01.04.2022.
Before accessing the Webshop you must have with you:
  • the SN of the inverter
  • the date of connection
  • login credentials
The procedure lasts a few minutes and allows you to immediately receive the guarantee certificate via email (for installers: to be sent to your customers).
For each registered inverter, KOSTAL recognizes a credit of € 5 that can be spent on any purchase on the Webshop.
The request must be made within 6 months of connecting the inverter.
If more than 6 months have passed, we still recommend making the request, always following the same procedure.
Should you wish to extend the warranty by further years with respect to its last expiration, you can purchase warranty extensions for the inverter which came into operation before 01.04.2022, again from the KOSTAL Webshop.
The paid warranty extension must be requested within the first 2 years of commissioning the inverter.
For more info contact Coenergia by calling 0376598512, writing to, contacting your trusted Coenergia agent.