National Transport Strike
19 May
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National Transport Strike 20 May 2022

May 19, 2022

Coenergia want to inform you that a National Transport Strike have been proclaimed on Friday 20th May 2022. 

We inform you that a national strike has been called by the main trade unions (SI COBAS, SOL COBAS, ADL COBAS, USB and other minor unions) for the entire day of Friday 20 May.
Freight forwarders will try to minimize the disadvantages, putting in place alternative solutions, but normal distribution, withdrawal and relocation activities may be delayed.
Due to the strike:
  • We cannot guarantee shipments scheduled for Monday 14th and in the days following.
  • Deliveries of the material may be delayed and limited indiscriminately and cannot be controlled by us
  • The mandatory ones will not be insured

We at Coenergia will provide you with support to arrange the best delivery of the goods, so please contact our shipping office to find the most suitable solutions.
The Coenergia Team