Cosa sono i MODULI SHINGLED Hyundai
08 May
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Hyundai Module with Shingled Technology

The Shingled Hyundai module is a high efficient cells package technology.

It uses a specific pattern of cells and cut the cell along the main grid into 5 or 6 pieces (our company is 5 pieces) by laser scribing. The small pieces of cells are laminated and welded with automatic equipment. And each two pieces are bonded and overlapped with conductive  (ECA) to form a cell string. The cell string is arranged and laminated to make a module.
The current of the cell in shingled module is 1 / 5 of that of the whole cell after being cut. Therefore, parallel structure is introduced into the shingled module to keep its output performance consistent with that of the standard module.

The Advantage, Improvement, Manufacture, Appearance description  

The advantage of Shingled modules 

  • Shingled technology change cell connection and design compared to standard modules. It can allow more cells to be included on each panel. As a result, nearly 100 percent of the panel is covered with solar cells to promote power
  • Shingled modules avoid the influence of cell main bus bar shadowing to promote output power
  • Shingled modules reduce resistance inside and decrease impedance to enhance power
  • Shingled modules use ECA instead of solder ribbon and reduce cracking among cells. It can improve greatly the reliability outdoors. Shingled structure makes sure that each cell string has contained lower current for reducing risk of hot spot. Shingled modules have a beautiful appearance, which is suitable for residential.
  • Besides IEC, Shingled Module can be compatible with main technology of crystalline silicon cells, such as: black silicon, PERC, HJT and so on.
  • It can reduce module transportation cost.
  • It can reduce system installation space with same output power, which is suitable for installation environment with limited area.
  • It can save BOS cost, shingled modules can reduce system project cost, including holder, cable, bus bar for hardware cost and also labour cost、management cost.
  • Hyundai shingled modules offer customers 20 years product warranty and 25 years linear performance warranty (datasheet Shingled Module)
Compared with standard modules, shingled modules have more advantages in terms of output power performance under shadow conditions. 
Many customers have considered that the standard module will always suffer a large loss power generation when the module are partially covered and Hyundai high efficiency Shingled modules will effectively solve this problem under the recommended installation way.
To avoid that the diodes have to work when just one cell strings is covered in standard modules, shingled modules combine parallel connection and series connection, and meanwhile it uses two diodes design. When one or more than one cell strings are blocked, other cell strings of the same parallel circuit can still work normally. Shingled modules can obtain more power generation benefits. Especially in the case of vertical installation of modules, in the morning or evening, shingled modules still have  87% of power generation contrary to standard modules totally stop work whose diodes start to cut off circuit. 

Shingled modules improvements

  • Due to special design, there are some difference of dimension between standard modules and shingled modules,the power should plan also according to its middle position junction box 

Shingled module production process 

Hyundai Module with Shingled Technology/Processo di fabbricazione dei moduli Shingled_EN.jpg
  • HES Shingled Modules are produced by modern full-automatic assembly production line. This production line has advanced laser scribing machine, automatic laminated welding machine, automatic typesetting machine and other equipment. The products have higher consistency and reliability.
  • There are two El tests and three appearance tests in the production process of shingled modules, and all the modules have been inspected.
  • HES Shingled Modules and plants have passed ISO9001, TUV, ts62941 and other certifications.

Shingled Product Parameter

1Cell Type 156.75158.75166
2Module Type 410425470
3Maximum Power/w410425470
4Open Circuit Voltage Voc/V46.546.546.5
5Short Circuit Current Isc/A11.411.813.0


  • Compared to other modules, HES Shingled modules have unique advantages, and there is no problem that it will soon attract many customers in the market, and bring more revenue of power for customer.