sciopero generale 11 ottobre 2021
11 Oct
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General Strike 11 October 2021

Oct 11, 2021

Coenergia want to inform you that a general strike have been proclaimed on Monday 11th October 2021. 

The strike will affect in the areas of private and public throughout the national territory for the whole day of 11.10.2021.
The strike was called by the Cobas, Cub, Fsi-Usae, Sgb, Usb, Usi unions.
Freight forwarders will try to minimize the disadvantages, putting in place alternative solutions, but normal distribution, withdrawal and relocation activities may be delayed.
On Monday 11th, therefore, we can not guarantee the standard service levels, and possible delays in delivery may also occur in the days following Monday 11.10.2021, given the extent of the event.
Due to the strike:
  • We cannot guarantee shipments scheduled for Monday 11th and in the days following Monday.
  • Deliveries of the material may be delayed and limited indiscriminately and cannot be controlled by us
  • The mandatory ones will not be insured

We at Coenergia will provide you with support to arrange the best delivery of the goods, so please contact our shipping office to find the most suitable solutions.
The Coenergia Team